As Missioneers, we elect not to idly stand by while nearly 1 child dies every 15 seconds from a lack of access to clean water.  Each of us is God’s handiwork, and, therefore, every human is valuable and worthy of the very basic element required for life. Even though each project area, community, and life touched is just a drop in the bucket, enough drops together can overflow a riverbank.

We have a vested interest in human life, and as a faith-driven organization we believe in not only providing clean drinking water, but the opportunity for each child of God to know of the Living Water that is freely offered through Jesus Christ. Through La Mission Por Vida, we minister to the thirst of both body and soul!

That is why we are committed to helping lead the movement to bring FAITH, HOPE and LOVE to developing countries around the world. From this platform, we launched a program called the GLOBAL WATER PROJECT, to purify water in developing nations by distributing high-tech water filters, educating and empowering individuals to improve their own communities at the most basic level.


In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it shows water as a basic physiological need required before a human’s ability to progress and fully mature. Without WATER, a nation can never reach it’s fullest potential. Only a healthy community can produce the desired environment essential to producing a self-actualizing nation working together. The lack of this basic, fundamental, life-producing element cripples nations.


Good health begins with access to clean water, reducing the risk of water-related diseases. This means cleaner, healthier bodies. The healthier a body is, the more hard work it can do to provide and lift families out of poverty.


Clean water at home means children no longer have to walk miles away to access safe drinking water for their families, letting them focus more time on their education, especially when female students are concerned.


Clean water means greater freedom to feed one’s self. You can’t grow healthy crops without safe water. Schools and communities are encouraged to work together, by planting community gardens while sharing the fruits of labor.


Clean water leads to economic growth at a local level. Communities are willing to pull themselves out of the endless cycle of poverty that has haunted them for generations. Clean water is a crucial step in breaking the cycle.

In just one day, 200 million work hours are consumed by women collecting water for their families.